Marty & His Adventures

A Bronx born baby boomer, Marty is now a resident of Hawaii living on the island of Maui. "It's the best place I've ever been to be from", he loves to say. Migrating slowly from New York, heading west, he spent a decade based out of Boulder, Colorado and then several decades in Los Angeles. Marty got his first camera at age 14 , a kodak box camera. He was immediately hooked on the idea of 'capturing a moment in time'. Marty studied Photography and Design at New York City's New School for a bit, but the bulk of his photographic experience has been through the process of trial and error. "It's all about light, shapes & colors". During the Cultural Revolution of the late 60s and 70s, he performed in scores of concert extravaganzas. Marty applied his art to the creation of Psychedelic LightShows, then theatrical/concert lighting. Thru the late 70s and into the 80s, he traveled the world as a Rock 'n Roll concert producer and lighting/stage designer, primarily producing The Doobie Brothers live concerts, while being a promoter for many other concert artists as well.

Martys' work with the lightshows lent heavily to his style of everchanging movement on stage. He captured some interesting rock 'n roll images as well, during that time. That period, and his experience and ideas about altered states of perception, lead directly to many of his current & recent photographic creations. Believing that "beyond the appearance of the initial image is the seed of a different truth", he searches for a more mysterious image. Light, shapes & colors.....

Occasionally, he often finds himself conscious that his soul is at one with the universe, moment by moment.

....These are the Moments of Creation. 



Phone: 818.726.8508